Facilities Improvements

Facilities Improvements

The role of the Department of Facilities Planning and Construction is to help assess needs for and provide physical facilities to support the academic, research, and service mission of the university. Facilities Planning and Construction constructs, acquires, renovates, and where appropriate, replaces facilities for university activities.

Pursuant to Florida Rule 6 C-14, the University Facilities Office is the authority for design and construction administration.  It is essential that all new construction on campus by any entity—including additions, renovations, or modifications to existing facilities or grounds—be processed via Facilities Planning and Construction to ensure that required permits are in place, work conforms to UCF Standards, and as-built conditions are properly documented.

Undertaking work on a facility generally falls into one of three categories, each of which requires a request form prepared by an interested party, authorized for submission by the requestor’s concerned office, and approved by a central administrative office before it can be started. The three categories of requests and their corresponding “facilities request forms” are as follows:

  1. Facilities Construction: “FC Request Form”
  2. Facilities Acquisition: “FA Request Form”
  3. Facilities Improvement: “FI Request Form”
  1. Facilities Construction is often funded via Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO), donor funds with potential State match; Capital Improvement Trust Funds, or similar funding from the state requiring action of the legislature, following consideration and approval by the SUS Board of Governors (BOG). The FC Request Form is used to get a project added to the university’s Capital Improvement Plan before it goes to the BOG.
  2. Facilities Acquisition has traditionally been less frequent, involving leasing or purchasing an existing building or similar facility off campus, whether in the university’s vicinity or otherwise (for example, in the Central Florida Research Park). It requires collective approval by the university’s President, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Vice President for Administration & Finance.
  3.  Facilities improvement is the most common action and involves modifying an existing building or facility with anticipated costs below $2 million. An FI Request Form outlines the general scope of work to be performed and documents funding sources and approvals. A requester first completes the top section of the form, which is then forwarded via email to obtain approvals as follows: a) the requestor’s chair or unit head; b) the dean or director; and finally c) UCF’s Office of Space Planning, Analysis &Administration (SPAA).

All three types of completed forms can be e-mailed
directly to the SPAA office at: fi-spaa@ucf.edu

In the first two cases, SPAA staff will review the forms and forward to the Facilities Planning and Construction Department with comments.  The Facilities Planning and Construction Department will review and comment, after which the AVP for Administration and Finance (Facilities and Safety) will coordinate with the Vice President for Administration and Finance, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President.  Upon their approval, appropriate action will be taken.  If the request is disapproved, it will be returned to the requestor, with a note to SPAA as well as the Facilities and Safety AVP.  In the third case, SPAA itself will evaluate overall long-term implications of the project, and if there are questions or SPAA does not approve it, the form will be returned to the dean or director.

If an FI project is approved by SPAA, it will be forwarded to Facilities Planning's FI unit. When the FI unit receives a SPAA-approved project request, it will be reviewed by FI to determine whether it is a Facilities Improvement or Work Order and be distributed appropriately. An FI Project Manager will then schedule a meeting with the client and design/build team to obtain more detailed information about the project, including preliminary cost and schedule. Requests that alter building exteriors or grounds also require University Master Planning Committee approval.

Facilities Planning will not be able to process requests for building modifications unless they are first received from SPAA using this procedure and the associated FI Request Form. Subsequent changes in scope will also require SPAA approval. Design and construction may not begin until all approvals have been obtained and funding is on deposit in a Facilities Planning controlled project account (via interdepartmental transfer). Requesters who cancel projects after initial project/requester review meeting with FP&C project manager will be assessed a $75.00 fee.

A listing of current Facilities Improvements projects can be found at:


All projects are referenced by the FI Number, an eight-digit project number, which is broken down into the year, building number, and sequential project for the pertinent fiscal year.