Campus Master Plan (CMP)

Campus planning and concurrency management in the State University System (SUS) are governed by Florida Statute 1013.30. Florida Board of Governors (BOG) Regulations, Chapter 21, further detail the requirements of campus master plans. The CMP identifies general land uses, and addresses the need for and provision of roads, parking, public transportation, solid waste, drainage, sewer, potable water, and recreation and open space during the coming 10 years. The University prepares a Campus Master Plan (CMP) update at least every 5 years, which the Board of Trustees adopts. The CMP facilitates coordination between universities and their host local governments.


The CMP is required to have eight elements relating to Future Land Use, Intergovernmental Coordination, Capital Improvements, Recreation & Open Space, General Infrastructure, Housing, and Conservation. The BOG permits the CMP to contain optional elements. UCF includes these optional elements: Urban Design (combined with Future Land Use), Utilities (combined with General Infrastructure), Public Safety, Implementation (combined with Capital Improvements), Academic & Support Facilities, and Facilities Maintenance.


Only the UCF Main Orlando Campus requires a Campus Master Plan. All other UCF Educational Sites are governed by the comprehensive plan(s) of their host local governments.