Capital Project Planning

The University of Central Florida has established the Capital Project Planning Committee (CPPC) with the primary purpose of prioritizing the capital project needs of the university, and recommending funding strategies for these projects. Capital projects are defined as new construction projects of any value, remodel/renovation projects that exceed $2M total project cost, or projects that require real estate transactions that require BOT approval.


A prioritization and approval process for capital projects is necessary to align physical assets with the strategic priorities of the university. Doing so enables the University to achieve and maintain functional efficiency, economic effectiveness, aesthetic appeal, and flexibility of its campus for future change and growth. This process also informs fundraising priorities. These projects require careful consideration since they could significantly change the university’s built environment with added building footprints, infrastructure, utility demands, and altered landscapes.


This process and associated guidelines apply to all UCF colleges, schools, departments, centers, institutes, auxiliary units, and other units that are within the University entity. These guidelines also apply to all direct support organizations, health services support organizations, practice plans, and all other entities affiliated with the University.







  • December 1, 2023 – submissions due
  • January 2024 – the office of the University Architect provides feedback to requesters
  • February/March 2024 – the CPPC Committee will meet to review submissions, initial rubric scoring, and align funding sources with submissions
  • April 2024 – CITF Committee review and approval of CITF requests
  • May 2024 – Presentation of recommendations to President’s Cabinet and University Leadership
  • June – BOT approval of annual Capital Improvement Plan, including recommended PECO, CITF, and Back of Bill (Debt) items