Shortlist Results – UCF-599 Chemistry Building – Engineer

Project Number: UCF-599
Description: Chemistry Building – Engineer
Managing Agency: UCF BOT
Location: UCF Main Campus, Orlando, Florida.

Pursuant to BOG Regulation 14.005 Certification and Competitive Selection of Professionals, a Selection Committee was formed to make recommendations for subject project. After an independent review and scoring of the proposals submitted, the scores were computer- tabulated to reflect a rank order of the proposing teams. The Selection Committee met on January 5, 2021 to review the tabulated results and to rank the firms in the order of those most highly qualified to perform the required service. The Selection Committee has determined that the order of firms, based on qualifications, is:

  1. TLC Engineering Solutions
  2. SGM Engineering, Inc.
  3. RLF
  4. Matern Professional Engineering
  5. Salas O’Brien
  6. Moses & Associates
  7. RGD Consulting Engineers
  8. C&S Companies
  9. Vanderweil Engineers
  10. OCI Associates, Inc.

Based on the tabulated results, the Selection Committee recommends a short-list of the top five firms.